Pending Legislation

Bills  ANJR  is  following
206th Legislative Session
January 2014-January 2016
As of March 27, 2014

Full text of the bills are available on the New Jersey Legislature website http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/

A-1581  Spencer, L.G. (D-29)

               Concerns regulation of solid waste, hazardous waste, and recycling industries. Requires A-901 licensing for all recyclers.

 A-1586  Spencer, L.G. (D-29)

               Concerns regulation of grease recycling industry.

 A-1598  Spencer, L.G. (D-29)

               Provides exemption for commercial and institutional solid waste generators from source separation requirements of municipal recycling ordinances if recyclable materials are otherwise recycled pursuant to certain conditions and requirements.

A-2086  Brown, C.J. (R-8)

               Exempts sheltered workshops from disclosure and fingerprinting requirements for certain solid waste operations.

A-2106  Rodriguez-Gregg, M. (R-8); Brown, C.J. (R-8)

               Codifies DEP's New Jersey Recycling Awards Program to annually recognize outstanding recycling achievements.

A-2894  Dancer, R.S. (R-12); Mazzeo, V. (D-2)

               Permits municipalities to use portion of State aid under Clean Communities Program for snow and ice removal.

S-833  Norcross, D. (D-5); Turner, S.K. (D-15)

               Revises law concerning the purchase of scrap metal.

               Mar 17, 2014        –          Reported by committee

               Mar 17, 2014        –          Referred: Senate Budget and Appropriations

S-1420  Beach, J. (D-6)

               Requires paint producers to implement or participate in a paint stewardship program.

               Related Bill: A-1603

A-1079  Vainieri Huttle, V. (D-37) / S-1850  Whelan
The "Smart Container Act.“

A-1345  Stender, L. (D-22)  / S-1462 Greenstein ;

               Requires retail store operators to establish in-store recycling programs that provide opportunities for customers to return clean plastic carryout bags.

 A-1367  Stender, L. (D-22) / S-563  Smith

               "Carryout Bag Reduction and Recycling Act.“

 A-1752  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Vainieri Huttle, V. (D-37)

               "Plastic Container Recycling Enhancement Act.“

A-2670  McKeon, J.F. (D-27)

               Provides for decrease and eventual ban on use of non-compostable plastic grocery bags.

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