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The Young Oxford Book of Ecology, 1995
A broad overview of life forms on our planet and their survival.

Grades: Middle School/High School
Author: Michael Scott
Publisher: Oxford University Press

50 Simple Things You Can Do To Save The Earth, 1989
The author explains environmental events and ways people can protect the Earth. These ways include reducing your garbage, reusing, recycling and reacting.

Grades: 6-adult
Author: The Earth Works Group
Publisher: Earth Works Press, Berkeley, CA

Garbage! The Trashiest Book You’ll Ever Read
Contains information about garbage, landfills, waste-to-energy facilities and recycling, with suggestions on what can be done about the garbage crisis.

Grades: 6-adult
Author: Suzanne Lord
Publisher: Scholastics, Inc., New York, NY

The Recycler’s Handbook: Simple Things You Can Do, 1990

Grades: 6-adult
Author: The Earth Works Group
Publisher: Earth Works Press, Berkeley, CA

How to Make the World a Better
120 specific actions to help the Earth. Includes recycling tips and conservation techniques.

Grades: 7-adult
Author: Jeffrey Hollender
Publisher: Quill/105 , New York, NY

Shopping For A Better Environment: A Brand Name Guide to Environmentally Responsible Shopping, 1991
This book evaluates the environmental impacts of consumer products and recommends specific product types and brands. It explains how to choose, use, recycle and dispose of most of the products you use everyday.

Grades: 6-adult
Author: Laurence Tasaday and Katherine Stevenson
Publisher: Meadowbrook Press, New York, NY

Backyard Composting, 1992
Your complete guide to recycling yard clippings.

Grades: 5-adult
Author: The Earth Works Group
Publisher: Earth Works Press, Inc., Berkeley, CA

Glass, Paper, Beans, 1997
Looks at three ordinary things, morning newspaper, coffee and glass tumbler. Tells where they came from and the stories behind their manufacture, harvesting, etc.

Grades: adult
Author: Leah Hager Cohen
Publisher: Currency/Doubleday

Choose to Reuse, 1995
An encyclopedia of services, products, programs and charitable organizations that foster resuse.

Grades: 9-adult
Author: Nikki and David Goldbeck
Publisher: Cress Press, Woodstock, NY


The Home and Land Buyer’s Guide to the Environment, 1997

Grades: adult
Publisher: Rutgers Center for Urban Research, 732-932-3133, x. 555

Clean and Green: The Complete Guide to Nontoxic and Environmentally Safe Housekeeping, 1990
Grades: adult
Author: Annie Berthold-Bond
Publisher: Cress Press, Woodstock, NY

How Much is Enough? The Consumer Society and the Future of Earth, 1992

Grades: adult
Author: Alan Durning
Publisher: W.W. Norton & Co., New York, NY

365 Ways to Save the Earth, 1991
Learn how to make saving the Earth an everyday family event by taking small steps to preserve the environment.

Grades: all ages
Author: Michael Viner & Pat Hilton
Publisher: Warner Books, New York, NY

Save Our Planet: 750 Everyday Ways You Can Help Clean Up the Earth, 1990

Author: Diane MacEachern
Publisher: Dell Publishing, New York, NY

Let it Rot! The Gardener’s Guide to Composting, 1990

Grades: adult
Author: Stu Campbell
Publisher: Storey Communications, Inc., Pownal, VT

Make Compost in 14 Days

Grades: adult
Author: Editors of Organic Gardening Magazine
Publisher: Rodale Press, Inc., Emmaus, PA

Re/Uses: 2,133 Ways to Recycle and Reuse the Things You Ordinarily Throw Away, 1982

Author: Carolyn Jabs
Publisher: Crown Publishers, Inc., New York, NY

Rubbish! The Archaeology of Rubbish, 1992

Author: William Rathje and Cullen Murphy
Publisher: Harper Collins Publisher, New York, NY

Recycling, 1991
Examines the evolution of recycling as a concept, its role in controlling trash problems and future developments. Includes bibliographical references and index.

Grades: 5-adult
Author: Rebecca Stefoff
Publisher: Chelsea House, New York, NY

50 Simple Things Your Business Can Do To Save the Earth, 1991

Grades: high school-adult
Author: The Earth Works Group
Publisher: Earth Works Press Inc., Berkeley, CA

The New Green Christmas: How to Make This and Every Holiday An Environmental Celebration, 1991

Grades: high school-adult
Author: The Evergreen Alliance
Publisher: Halo Books, San Francisco, CA

The Garden Explored, 1997
An understanding of scientific process in your garden and answers to your potting questions.

Grades: 7-8
Author: Mia Amato and the Exploratorium
Publisher: Henry Holt and Company

Composting in the Classroom, 1998
A comprehensive guide for teachers to use for composting research projects.

Grades: 7-8
Author: Nancy M. Trautmann and Marianne E. Krasney
Publisher: Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company

Discover Nature in the Garden, 1996
Discover what goes on in the garden when no one is watching.

Grades: 7-8
Author: Jim Conrad
Publisher: Stackpole Books

Kids Can Make A Difference, 1995

Activities that help children make a difference in the environment.

Grades: 6-8
Author: H. Steven Dashafsky
Publisher: TAB Books

Ecology For Every Kid, 1996
Have fun exploring everything from your role in spreading plant seeds to greenhouse gases on the earths temperature and much more.

Grades: 6-8
Author: Janice Vancleave
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.

Buried In Garbage, 1991
All about reducing, reusing and recycling

Grades: 6-8
Author: Bobbie Kalman and Janine Schaub
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

Earth Alert: Global Warming, 1996
Tells the facts and suggests ways to get in on the action.

Grades: 6-8
Author: James Marsh
Publisher: World Book Inc., Chicago Ill.

Reducing, Reusing and Recycling, 1991

Grades: 6-8
Author: Bobby Kalman
Publisher: Oxford University Press

Worm’s Eye View, 1991
Making your own wildlife garden.

Grades: 6-8
Author: Kipchak Johnson
Publisher: The Millbrook Press

The Babysitter’s Club: Dawn Saves the Planet
Dawn wants to open a recycling center at SMS. She’s been lecturing so much, no one can stand to be around her.

Grades: 6-8
Author: Ann M. Martin
Publisher: Apple Paperbacks

Worms Eat My Garbage
How to set up and maintain a worm composting system.

Grades: 7-8
Author: Mary Appelhof
Publisher: Flower Press

50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Recycle, 1994
Ideas to try at home, at school or anywhere.

Grades: 6-8
Author: The Earthworks Group
Publisher: Earthworks Press

Nature Smart: A Family Guide to Nature, 1995

Grades: 6-8
Author: Stan Tekeila and Karen Shanberg
Publisher: Adventure Publications


How the Land of Litter Became the Kingdom of Clean
This is a wonderful litter prevention and recycling book, which will enchant young generations with fun, witty words while installing responsibility to keep their world clean and healthy for a life time! As you read along with Recycling Dragons in this exciting adventure story, you will laugh and enjoy how the littering Knights learn to keep the Kingdom clean.

Author: Dave Street
Publisher: Barber Books
Web Site: www.kingdomofclean.com

What A Load of Trash, 1991
Rescue your household waste.

Grades: 4-6
Author: Steve Skidmore
Publisher: The Millbrook Press, Brookfield, CT

Down the Drain, 1991
Exploring your plumbing.

Grades: 4-6
Author: Thompson Yardley
Publisher: The Millbrook Press, Brookfield, CT

Tanya’s Big Green Dream, 1994
Earth day is a week away an Tanya hasn’t even chosen her project yet. She’ll plant a tree! But where and how will she pay for it?

Grades: 4-6
Author: Linda Glaser
Publisher: Macmillon Publishing Company, NY

The Butterfly Garden, 1994

Grades: 4-6
Author: Judith Levicoff
Publisher: Storytellers, Inc.

Nature Watch
Teaches how to become an explorer.

Grades: 3-5
Author: Mick Manning & Brita Granstrom
Publisher: Kingfisher

Garbage and Recycling
Helps children learn how to discover more about their environment and teaches that they can make a positive effect.

Grades: 3-6
Author: Sally Morgan & Rosie Harlow
Publisher: Kingfisher

How Come the Best Clues Are Always In the Garbage? ,1996
After money is stolen from her mom’s environmental project, 6th grader Stephanie self-styles herself as “Stevie Diamond Detective”. Come along as she cracks the case.

Grades: 4-6
Author: Linda Bailey
Publisher: Albert Whitman


Tons of Trash, 1992
A book about why you should recycle and what happens when you do.

Grades: 4-6
Author: Joan Rattner Heilman
Publisher: Avon Camelot

Trouble At Trash Harbor

Grades: 3-6
Author: Susan Sharpe
Publisher; Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers

Compost Critters, 1993
Bianca Lavies builds her own compost site and observes the organisms.

Grades: 3-4
Author: Bianca Lavies
Publisher: Dutton Children’s Books

Butterflies and Moths, 1993

Grades: 5 and up
Author: John Feltwell
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Publishing Company

50 Simple Things Kids Can Do To Save the Earth, 1990
Activities and information designed to help children learn environmental responsibility.

Grades: 2-8
Author: The Earth Works Group
Publisher: Andrews & McMeel, New York, NY

Projects for a Helathy Planet-Simple Environmental Experiments for Kids, 1992
Simple and fun environmental activities and experiments which inspire understanding and respect for the environment.

Grades: 4-7
Author: Shar Levine & Allison Grafton
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., New York, NY
Price: $10.95

The Big Green Book, 1991
This book will help children understand why our earth is such a special place; what the dangers are to our planet; and how all of us must work to keep earth safe and healthy.

Grades: 2-7
Author: Fred Pearce
Publisher: Grosset & Dunlap, New York, NY



Dinosaurs to the Rescue!, 1992
Children will learn about recycling, source reduction, conservation, and the garbage crisis through examples of what not to do by a dinosaur called “Slobbasaurus”.

Grades: 1-4
Author: Lauren and Marc Brown
Publisher: Joy Street Books, Boston, MA

Earth Book for Kids: Activities to Help the Environment, 1990
Children will learn to help heal the environment through hands-on activities.

Grades: K-S
Author: Linda Schwartz
Publisher: The Learning Works Inc., Santa Barbara, CA

Every Kid’s Guide to Saving the Earth, 1993
Encourages children to recognize every day opportunities to help protect the Earth in any situation by conserving natural resources and preserving nature.

Grades: 1-4
Author: Joy Berry
Publisher: Ideals Children Books, Nashville, TN

The Great Kapok Tree, 1990

Grades: Pre K-2
Author: Lynne Cherry
Publisher: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Orlando, Fla.

The People Who Hugged the Trees, 1990

Grades: K-5
Author: adapted by Deborah Lee Rose
Publisher: Roberts Rinehart Inc., Niwot, CO

Project Recycle-Activities to Help Kids Conserve the Earth’s Resources, 1991

Grades: Pre K-2
Author: Cherie Rayburn
Publisher: Current, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO

Recycle! A Handbook for Kids, 1992
Explains the processes of recycling paper, glass, aluminum and plastic. Also includes facts about garbage and recycling.

Grades: 1-4
Author: Gail Gibbons
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company, Boston, MA

Captain Eco and the Fate of the Earth, 1991
Captain Eco explains to two children the environmental dangers facing the planet, and alerts them to the need for change. He suggests solution, and leaves the children committed to working towards a positive future.
Grades: K-6
Author: Jonathan Porritt & Ellis Nadler
Pubisher: Dorling Kindersley, Inc., New York, NY

The Wump World, 1970
The story depicts how harmful pollution can be to the environment.

Grades: K-3
Author: Bill Pete
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

Recycling, 1991
This book contains information about paper, corrugated cardboard, aluminum, metal, glass, plastic, motor oil, tire and yard waste recycling, as well as information about waste-to-energy and landfills.

Grades: 2-6
Author: Joan Kalbacken & Emilie U. Lepthien
Publisher: Childrens Press, Chicago, IL

Here Comes the Recycling Truck, 1992
A day in the life of a recycling truck driver.

Grades: K-3
Author: Meyer Seltzer
Publisher: Albert Whitman & Co., Morton Grove, IL


Trash! Trash! Trash!, 1996
Do you know what the work recycle means? It means to save things and reuse them, and help stop pollution.

Grades: K-3
Author: Shelly Nielsen
Publisher: Abdo & Daughter, Edina, MN

Don’t Pollute Anymore: The Berenstain Bears, 1991
When Bear Country’s cubs learn pollution’s a fact, they help grownups learn to clean up their act.

Grades: K-3
Author: Stan & Jan Berenstain
Publisher: Random House, New York, NY

Grover’s 10 Terrific Ways to Help Our Wonderful World
In this children’s book, grover and his Sesame Street friends illustrate ways to protect the environment. Includes ideas how children can reduce, reuse and recycle to help save our world.

Grades: K-3
Author: Anna Ross
Publisher: Random House, New York, NY

Recycled Container Arts and Crafts Activites, 1996
This book is organized by school year with one activity per week. Each month features a “Read-Treat” room display for reading motivation. There are dozens of unusual and imaginative ideas for turning the commonplace container into the uncommon craft.

Grades: K-3
Author: Jo Jo Cavalline and Jo Anne O’Donnell
Publisher: Teaching & Learning Company, Carthage, IL

Just A Dream 1990
After having littered, failing to sort his garbage, and laughing at his friend’s newly planted tree, Walter dreams of a future buried in garbage, then he understands the importance of taking care of the environment.

Grades: Pre K-3
Author: Chris Van Allsburg
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin, Boston, MA

Recycling Garbage, 1991
Discusses how various waste materials are recycled and proposes ways for children to act more responsibly toward the environment.

Grades: K-4
Author: Donna Bailey
Publisher: Watts

Aunt Ippy’s Museum of Junk, 1991
A brother and sister visit the ecology-minded Aunt Ippy and her world famous museum of junk.

Grades: K-4
Author: Rodney Greenblat
Publisher: Harper Collins, New York, NY

Recycling, 1991
Shows how the ever-growing tide of refuse threatens the environment and wastes resources, and how recycling helps in conservation efforts.

Grades: K-4
Author: Joan Kalbracken
Publisher: Children’s Press

Round and Round, 1994
Mama recycles everything until the house is complete with walls covered with candy wrappers and shingles that used to be flap-jack flappers, and the whole town turns out to see her hand-made rocket ship.

Grades: 1-2
Author: Nancy Van Laan
Publisher: Hyperion

Earthwise at Play, 1993
Introduces endangered species and habitats explaining ecologic concepts on the way.

Grades: K-3
Author: Linda Lowery and Marybeth Lorbiecki
Publisher: Earthwise

Earthwise at School, 1993
Inspires children to meet global challenges as it describes actions they can take to help.

Grades; K-3
Author: Linda Lowery and Marybeth Lorbiecki
Publisher: Earthwise

Earthwise at Home, 1993
Covers reusing, recycling, water use and so much more.

Grades: K-3
Author: Linda Lowery and Marybeth Lorbiecki
Publisher: Earthwise

Let’s Talk Trash, 1991
A kids book about recycling.

Grades: K-2
Author: Kelly McQueen and David Fassler, M.D.
Publisher: Waterfront Books

The Treasure of Trash
A recycling story of two families.

Grades: 2-4
Author: Linda Mandel and Heidi Mandel
Publisher; Avery Publishing Company

The Magic School Bus Hops Home
Join the kids as they shrink to frog size and learn all about animal habitats.

Grades: 1-3
Author; Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

The Great Trash Bash, 1991
Mayor Hippo slips on a banana peel and realizes what the problem is in his town-TRASH!

Grades; K-3
Author: loreen Leedy
Publisher: Holiday House

Follow That Trash, 1996

Grades: 1-3
Author: Francine Jacobs
Publisher: Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers

Magnificent Recycling Machine Adventure with Buffalo Biff (3 cassettes)

Grades: 1-5
Author: Joe Loesch
Publisher: Toy Box Productions

One Small Square: Backyard, 1993
How to observe and explore plants, animals and their interactions in your backyard.

Grades: 2-5
Author: Donald Silver
Publisher: WH Freeman and Company

Squirmy Wormy Composters, 1995

Grades: K-3
Author: Bobbie Kalman and Janice Schaub
Publisher: Crabtree Publishing Company

The Magic School Bus Meets the Rot Squad
Join the class on their “rotten” adventure and learn about how nature recycles through decompostion.

Grades: 2-3
Author: Scholastic
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

Compost! Growing Gardens From Your Garbage, 1996
Teaches composting as an entertaining family activity.

Grades: 1-3
Author: Linda Glaser
Publisher: The Millbrook Press

Zebo and the Dirty Planet, 1991
A book all about Zebo, his dirty planet and what he and his friends do to save it.

Grades: 1-3
Author: Kim Fernandes
Publisher: Annick Press Ltd.

Where Does Pollution Come From?

Grades: K-2
Author: C. Vance Cast
Publisher: Barrons Educational Series, Inc.

A Pig Tale

Grades: K-3
Author: Olivia Newton-John
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children’s Books

Into the Woods, 1997

Grades: K-2
Author: Lorretta Krupinski
Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Books

The Littles and the Trash Tinies, 1993
Tom, Lucy and Mr. Little must get to trash city to deliver a message to their friends, the tinies, but there is a terrible storm.

Grades: 1-3
Author: John Peterson
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

Herman and Marguerite: An Earth Story

Grades: K-3
Author: Jay O’Callahan
Publisher; Peachtree Publishers

Fairwell to Shady Glade, 1981

Grades: K-3
Author; Bill Peet
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company

3 Pandas Planting, 1999

Grades: K-1
Author: Megan Halsley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Children’s Books

From Trash to Treasure, 1997

Grades: K-3
Author: Liza Alexander
Publisher: Golden Books

The Magic School Bus Wet All Over
A book about the water cycle.

Grades: K-3
Author: Joanna Cole & Bruce Degen
Publisher: Scholastic, Inc.

Too Much Trash

Grades: 1
Author: Faye Robinson
Publisher: Children’s Press



I Am A Little Catepillar, 1995

Author: Francois Crozat

Recycling Dump, 1995

Author: Andrea Butler


Field Trips  Looking for a way to get your school or group some hands on environmental education?  Check out this link for a list of recycling businesses and environmental centers offering these types of  programs for children and adults.

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