The mission of the Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR) is to support, promote and enhance source reduction, reuse practices, organics management, and recycling activities in the State of New Jersey. ANJR provides educational and training programs, and also advances policies that support sustainable materials management, which in turn benefits the environment, the communities and the economy of New Jersey.

The Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR) is a not-for-profit, 501(c) (3), nonpartisan network that was incorporated in 1984. ANJR’s members consist of individuals and organizations from both the public and private sectors, governmental entities, the recycling industry, and the business community.


The Purpose of ANJR is to Educate, Network, Inform, Advocate and Partner as
described below:

Educate – Education is at the core of ANJR’s mission. ANJR creates regional andstatewide learning opportunities that provide education, training, and information. ANJRcollaborated with Rutgers, the State University and the New Jersey Department ofEnvironmental Protection to develop professional certification programs (Certified
Recycling Professional – CRP and Sustainable Resource Management Professional -SRMP) at Rutgers University. ANJR works to support and enhance these programs that
equip graduates with the skills and resources to be effective and efficient professionals.

Network – ANJR creates opportunities for its members to exchange ideas andinformation with colleagues and to support each other. ANJR’s diverse andknowledgeable network is its strength and is invigorated by the opportunity to share andexplore information and ideas emanating from a wide variety of sources.

Inform – ANJR communicates in diverse and timely ways information, trends, and ideasthat support the development of efficient responses to environmental issues.

Advocate -ANJR advocates for the development and execution of sound environmentalpolicies in New Jersey. ANJR works with legislators and regulators to ensure that recycling and solid waste laws and regulations are reasonable and productive, that market realities are recognized, and that impediments to recycling are minimized.

Partner – ANJR collaborates and cooperates with individuals and organizations on issues, educational programs, initiatives and advocacy. Partnering aids ANJR in
achieving its goals.