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Why Should I be Concerned?

1.     Pricing for contracts with processing facilities is partially based on quality.

2.     Collecting more material isn’t necessarily better if you are collecting materials that cannot be recycled.

3.     Processing facilities may reject loads with excessive quantities of residue or charge a fee to process that load.

4.     It is a waste of energy and resources to collect materials in recycling bins that will eventually be sorted out and landfilled or incinerated as residue.

Top Tips to begin a successful PR campaign

1.     Speak to your processor to get a list of acceptable/unacceptable recyclable items.

2.     Work with your processor to identify the most common unacceptable items being received.

3.     Bring all parties together to develop a strategy → educator – hauler – processor.

4.     Educate the public

5.     Measure your success

Links to IPF/MRFs   (For list of acceptable items plus contact information)

Graphics to Borrow:

NJDEP artwork –

WM Recycle Often Recycle Right

Recycling Partnership (bottom of page)

America Recycles Day

Samples from:   Morris County    Atlantic County Utilities Authority    Burlington County

Specific material images (Courtesy of Morris County)


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