5/18/15 Response from Guy Watson regarding change in reporting requirements for Class B & C recycling facilities.

12/22/14 Letter is from Guy Watson for Asst. Commissioner Jane Herndon, regarding recent developments in e-waste recycling and to clarify certain conceptions. Also is a copy of the letter to manufacturers clarifying their obligations under the E-Waste Law.

9/23/13 Letter from Guy Watson addressing the definition of a “Class A recyclable material” and the phrase “plastic containers.”

9/23/13 Letter from Guy Watson addressing clarification regarding the receipt of wooden pallets at a Class A recycling facility.

Guy Watson’s response to the status of municipal and county recycling grants for
state fiscal year 2014.

Sent to Mayors from Asst. Comm. Jane Kozinski regarding Recycling at Outdoor Venues

sent to all mayors reminding them that the April 2012 submittal of their Annual Recycling Tonnage Report must be signed by a Certified Recycling Coordinator (CRP).

Letter sent to haulers regarding the landfill ban on “Cover Electronic Devices” that took effect January 1, 2011.

Guidance letter with examples of how REA monies may be spent. Click here

Read Letter to the Editor supporting Recycling in New Jersey from Jane Kozinski, Assistant Commissioner for Environmental Management, NJDEP
Posted in the New Brunswick Patch on November 23, 2013

Click here to read a letter from Commissioner Bob Martin answering questions that were asked at the March 31, 2010 ANJR Annual Meeting.

View the most recent guidance for recycling enforcement and general solid waste enforcement prepared by NJDEP
Recycling Authority – Revised April 08

SWMA authority updated April 2008

Read the May 2012, NJDEP letter to businesses regarding their recycling responsibilitiesClick here

 View Recycling Enforcement Responsibilities presented at ANJR Annual Meeting by John Castner, Director Division of County Environmental & Waste Enforcement, NJDEP

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection