Jean Clark REX Award

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Donna Caputo and her husband Anthony

2017 Rex Winner
Donna Caputo
Donna Caputo and her husband Anthony


1994 Ann Moore 2007 Barbara Fiedler
1995 Nancy Paquette 2008 Alice Tempel
1996 Ron Hutchinson 2009 Alan Yoss
1997 Penny Jones 2010 Melinda Williams
1998 Anthony Giordano, Sr. 2011 Carole Tolmachewich
1999 Linda Hardy 2012 Carol Broccoli
2000 Virginia Lamb 2013 Monica Gismondi
2001 Dominick D’Altilio 2014 Mark Vangieri
2002 Dennis DeMatte, Jr. 2015 Gary Sondermeyer
2003 Kathleen Hourihan 2016 Patrick McGaheran
2004 Albert Fralinger, III 2017 Donna Caputo
2005 Wayne DeFeo
2006 Jean Clark

ANJR REX Award is presented to an active ANJR member who embraces the vision and values of ANJR, promotes the goals of ANJR through action and advocacy. They must maintain professional standards, and act responsibly. The recipient must also be well versed on the issues of recycling and solid waste